Relaxation Massage  

Swedish remedial massage to deeply relax & relieve stress

30 minutes$60
1 hour$110

Deep tissue Massage

Eases muscular aches & pains as specific muscles are targeted with a firm pressure

30 minutes$70
1 hour$130

Hot Stone Massage

Warm volcanic stones are used to massage the body to relieve anxiety, arthritis, sport injuries at a light medium pressure.

90 minutes$149.95

Pregnancy Massage

A light massage while laying face down in our pregnancy pillow using a pregnancy safe balm. Best in the second or third trimester to ease muscle discomfort on the back, arms, back legs, & scalp.

30 minutes $70
1 hour$105.95

G5 Massage

This mechanical massage helps aid in lymphatic drainage and increase of blood circulation. It also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and indirectly slimming. Promotes a deeper tissue massage, increasing skin elasticity, with restoring and rejuvenating effect. Best recommended to a course of treatments every 2-4 weeks.

30 minutes $79.95
1 hour$130