Bio Light LED Treatment Session (allow 30 minutes) $65
Bio Light 5 session concession $299
Bio Light 10 session concession $575
Bio Light add onto any Facial (allow 20 minutes extra) $45

Collagen red light brings about long term improvements in your skin. It is gentle, non invasive, natural anti-aging skin rejuvenation using red light therapy.

Restore brightness & elasticity, ease wrinkles and scarring, promote even skin tone & texture skin by using our Bio Light which delivers LED light treatments deep into the skin while you lie back and relax on our Lazy Girl chair.

Book in your initial consultation today and start the journey towards beautiful glowing skin.

Our Bio Light has four types of lights or wavelengths, each with unique properties to treat different conditions;

  • Red increases collagen & elastin production to ease ageing
  • Yellow restores hydration lessens scarring
  • Infra-Red penetrates deepest to promote healing

Our Beauty Therapists will match & combine these lights for multiple benefits, along with a range of customizable settings to your skins needs.


  • Promotes healthier, beautiful skin
  • Visible anti-ageing effect
  • Reduction in line-depth
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Renews collagen and elastin
  • Activates skin metabolism
  • Antibacterial properties perfect for congested skin
  • Reduces acne scaring & pigmentation
  • Restores hydration & brightness
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Scar and wound healing

We recommend 2-3 treatments per week for a course of 9-12 treatments, then once monthly. Repeat every 9 months.

Also a perfect addition to any facial treatments.