Threading is an ancient practice, originating in Persia, for removing facial hair using a coordinated technique that involves twisting the hair root, from the follicle, using a piece of cotton.

A truly remarkable alternative to other techniques, as it allows safe and gentle hair removal without any heat or chemicals. Threading is for men and women who want the removal of hair from their eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sides of the face, nostrils, ears and even toes! All hair types and colours are welcome. Most people require maintenance every 3-4 weeks

Eyebrow threading- 10Min$28
Brow thread & brow tint – 15Min$35.00
Between brows – 5Min$10.50
Upper lip threading – 5Min$20.00
Upper lip & chin threading – 10Min$35
Eyebrows, upper lip, chin, sides of face threading – 20Min$50
Eyebrows, upper lip & chin threading – 15Min$45
Upper lip and brow threading – 10Min$40
Ear threading – 10Min$15
Nose threading – 5Min$18
Chin threading – 5Min$18.00
Sides of face threading – 10Min$20
Men’s Brow, Ear & Nose Thread – 20Min$38