Pain is a mysterious feeling. While it’s value in avoiding injury is obvious, it is not always obvious what benefit it has on chronic pain. However, our bodies have natural painkillers which are just as effective, in fact often much more effective than drugs. They are called endorphins, a class of hormones. Hormones are very powerful chemical messengers which control all aspects of our bodies. We do not have conscious control of them but they work for us all the time. Profound relaxation causes the brain to release endorphins which control pain. The deep relaxation state achieved allows the body to recover from stress and pain is relieved. Blood flow is stimulated through all the tissues and natural endorphins are released. It just feels good.


Floatation therapy is very effective at lowering the stress hormone cortisol which causes anxiety and contributes to weight gain. The pod offers such a soothing experience that many floaters fall asleep…this is completely normal. Floating has also been shown to produce a spontaneous reduction in or the elimination of habits such as smoking. Stress is replaced with an overall sense of well-being. An ALPHA state of mind kicks in, which is the mental state of deep relaxation & meditation. ALPHA denotes a state of consciousness detached & relaxed.


Perhaps one of the greatest qualities of the pod is that it helps to stimulate the body’s own power of healing and regeneration and maintains homeostasis within the body, strengthening the body’s resistance to the effects of stress, illness and injury. The effects of floating are cumulative- every time you float you strengthen your body’s resistance.


Floating offers an individual experience, one that is different for everyone. The most common reports are those of profound peace and relaxation, deep concentration, creativity & clarity. Not only will the experience be different for you than it is for anyone else, but it will also be different each time. It activates the THETA brain waves. THETA is the state of mind where it is believed you can create everything and change reality instantly. A THETA state is a state of very deep relaxation, used in hypnosis…. absolute perfect calm. The mental state is what monks study for years to achieve. The quality of creative work is improved by floating. Students are able to remember facts and to concentrate better after floating.


Chronic joint pain is often relieved for prolonged periods after floating. A very positive impact on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Controlled tests have shown that athletic performance is improved by floating before an event. Additionally, because of the high concentration of magnesium sulphate from the salt, it mineralizes the body and dissolves lactic acid. This reduces or eliminates muscle soreness and tension. People with jet-lag express feelings of relief and improvement. Epsom salt has been shown to not only strengthen your mind/ body connection but skin and nails as well. It generally takes perhaps fifteen minutes to enter the first deep stage of relaxation, and the remaining 45 minutes of a typical hour-long session pass quickly and effortlessly. The benefits begin during this stage but continue for the rest of the day, and into the next day…your body and mind feel refreshed.


The floating experience is completely safe. However, if you have been diagnosed with epilepsy, are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, those with infectious diseases, open wounds or suicidal tendencies, we ask that you not use the pod. It is even safe enough for pregnant women to float, as long as they consult their physician.


The water in the float pod is completely filtered through our high-tech filtration in between each float session. Every individual is required to rinse off in the attached shower immediately prior to entering the float pod as well as after floating. Although the high salinity of Epsom salt kills 99.9% of bacteria in the water, our sophisticated engine system continuously monitors the water and adds the specific appropriate amount of chlorine to maintain a constant water hygiene. The water in our float pod is hundreds of times more sanitary than the normal swimming pool or hot tub.