Whether you are after acrylic nails or simply a long-lasting gel polish, our talented team are experts when it comes to all things beautiful in nail artistry.

Gel PolishGel polish is a type of nail polish applied to natural nails that are cured under an LED lamp. Dries instantly, lasts 3 weeks before it starts to chip. Gel polish requires soaking off with acetone, for removal.
DippingOur dipping system is an acrylic finish that provides a beautiful manicure on natural nails or tips in just a few easy steps. It is best described as sitting between soak off gel and acrylic – not as soft and flexible as a gel but not quite as hard as traditional acrylic. As a result, dipping feels lighter and thinner on the nail, and is less prone to cracks and chipping like regular soak off polish. Requires soaking with acetone for removal.
Acrylic nailsAcrylic nails are great for chronic nail biters and fixing splits and breakages. Requires maintenance 3 weekly for backfills.
Nail artWe can add bling or features in the form of stamping, glitter, foil, rhinestones or hand-painted designs. We recommend bringing a picture along to your appointment, as a reference. Bookings for nail art are essential.
ManicureBuff & polish (shape, cuticle work & colour) – 45 Min

Paraffin dip – 15Min

Hand buff, massage & paraffin – 45Min

Buff (no polish) – 10Min

Gel Buff and Polish on Natural Nails – 40Min

Gel Buff and Polish with Soak off – 50Min

Nail Art – From 10Min
From $3.50 p/n

Gel Removal – 20Min

Children’s nail paint – 15Min

Repairs per nail – 10Min

Full set of Plain Acrylic Nails – 60Min add gel polish for $20.95

Full set French Acrylic Nails – 60Min

French backfill – 60Min

Plain backfill – 60Min add gel polish for $20.95

Acrylic/Dipping Soak off – 60Min
PedicureToe buff & polish (shape, cuticle work & colour) – 45Min

Spa pedicure & paraffin – 90Min includes gel polish

Foot soak, massage and paraffin – 40Min

Toe cut – 5Min

Gel Buff and Polish on Natural Toes – 40Min

Gel Buff and Polish with soak off – Toes – 50Min
Nail DippingDipping Full Set with Extensions – 60Min

Dipping Backfill (same colour) – 60Min

Dipping Full Set on Natural Nails – 60Min

Dipping Remove and Redo – 80Min